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Most deciduous trees and shrubs are well along in the process of losing their leaves and preparing for dormancy.  Now is a fantastic time to contact us for an always free cost estimate. Enough leaves have fallen that we can get a good look at the pruning cuts that need to be made to keep your trees healthy.


Proper pruning techniques help trees and shrubs with shape, fruit production, light and air circulation. This is now the time to prune out any dead or diseased material to ensure your trees and shrubs start the next year’s growing season in excellent shape!


At Darrel Emel’s Tree Service, we use proper pruning and sanitation techniques to prevent spreading of fungus or disease to healthy areas of trees and shrubs. Now is also a good time to clean up any fallen fruit that may harbor pests or disease. If you need help tackling your pruning to-do list, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!


Laura Graybill
Darrel Emel’s Tree Service

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