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'Tis the season for Fall Web Worm! These are not tent caterpillars, even though their webs look very similar to the Western Tent Caterpillar tents. Unlike Tent Caterpillars, which can readily devour all the leaves on a tree, Fall Web Worms only eat the leaves within their web. They are much less intrusive than tent caterpillars as they cocoon at the base of the trees the web was in. (Fall webworm  Photo by G. Keith Douce, University of Georgia,



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Things to look forward to from Darrel Emel's Tree Service

Weed/Brush control: This service is available throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Fall Spray: Beginning September 9th, weather permitting.

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Remember that here in the PNW, if we get the right conditions ~  loads of rain, followed by high winds ~ even completely healthy trees can blow over!

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