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We are a full service tree company!
Tree removal, tree trimming, cabling, stump grinding, and tree & shrub spraying are all in our wheelhouse!  Estimates are always free!


Things to look forward to from Darrel Emel's Tree Service ~

 Spring Spray: This is the second most key spray in the cycle of good care for your trees & shrubs!  We plan ~ weather permitting ~ to begin the Spring Spray the week of May 10th.  Contact us to get on the list or get an estimate for spray service for your landscaping!

Tree Injections: Many non-fruit bearing trees greatly benefit from an injection of insecticide, rather than just the external spray.  Particularly deciduous trees that attract aphid and the ensuing "honeydew" that come with an aphid infestation! Contact us for your free consultation/estimate on the possibilities of injecting your trees against sucking insects!

Storm Damage clean-up: Okay, no one "looks forward" to this one, but if we have storms, and you need help cleaning up afterwards, contact us for your always free estimate!

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Check out our blog post ~ a great story on the oldest apple tree in WA!

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Remember that here in the PNW, if we get the right conditions ~  loads of rain, followed by high winds ~ even completely healthy trees can blow over!

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