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It's that season of the year when we like to remind you of the very few weather conditions under which we do not work: very high winds, snow on the ground, and lightning. Our focus, of course, is the safety of our crew, equipment, and your property! DETS ~ proud to be Safely serving the community since 1958!

Things to look forward to from Darrel Emel's Tree Service ~

Holiday Schedules: closed Dec. 23-Jan. 1 for Christmas/New Year holidays

Dormant Spray:  beginning the 2nd week of January, weather permitting! This is one of the most critical applications for protecting your trees and shrubs through the coming year!

Tree Pruning: The dormant season ~ Fall and Winter ~ is the ideal season for pruning your fruit trees, and most other ornamental trees.  Contact us early to get on the schedule. 

Storm Damage clean-up: Okay, no one "looks forward" to this one, but if we have storms this Fall & Winter, and you need help cleaning up after them, contact us for your always free estimate!

News & Alerts

Check out our blog post ~ a great story on the oldest apple tree in WA!

***Use our Contact form to submit your questions to our "Ask the Arborist!" feature in the blog!***

Remember that here in the PNW, if we get the right conditions ~  loads of rain, followed by high winds ~ even completely healthy trees can blow over!

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