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Updated Covid-19 Schedule Information: as of 3/26/20 -
We are not designated as an essential service, so in compliance with the state Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate we are closed at least until April 8 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS, WHICH CONSTITUTE A SPECIFIC, IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY:
- If a trees falls into your house and needs removal
- If a tree is uprooting or heavily leaning toward your house or endangering the community
- If your tree is cracked/broken and is a danger tree to you or the community

If you have these issues, please contact us via our email ( or via Facebook, or via our contact page here. We will arrange to assist you!


Thank you for your patience and compliance with the state Stay Home, Stay Healthy orders!



Things to look forward to from Darrel Emel's Tree Service ~

Early Spring Spray: This is the second round of spraying in our cycle.  It provides important control for and defense against insect and fungus infection in your trees and shrubs. Weather permitting, again, we're looking to begin this spray around April 1!

Tree Injections: For non-fruit-bearing trees an injection can be a good measure for controlling sucking pests like aphid!

Deep root Fertilizing: If you have trees and shrubs looking a little pale and wan coming out of winter, consider giving them a boost this season!

Storm Damage clean-up: Okay, no one "looks forward" to this one, but if we have storms this Winter/Spring and you need help cleaning up after them, contact us for your always free estimate!

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These are weird and frustrating days for sure, but check our blog for a small way to ease the strain!
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Remember that here in the PNW, if we get the right conditions ~  loads of rain, followed by high winds ~ even completely healthy trees can blow over!

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