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Now is a great time of year to focusing on pruning your fruit and ornamental trees, as well as most of your shrubs.  This is a fine example of the excellent level of work you can expect from Darrel Emel's Tree service.  Contact us for your always free estimate!

(Picture and pruning handiwork - Kevin Long!)



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Things to look forward to from Darrel Emel's Tree Service

Pruning Season: The ideal time for trimming your fruit & flowering trees is when they're dormant and the leaves are off: October ~ February! 
Contact us now to line up your Fall/Winter pruning!
Weed/Brush control
: This service is available throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Dormant Spray: beginning in early January!

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Have evergreens that are less green than usual?
Check out our new blog post for helpful information on browning trees!

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Remember that here in the PNW, if we get the right conditions ~  loads of rain, followed by high winds ~ even completely healthy trees can blow over!

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