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One of the best ways to get through difficult, frustrating times is, of course, to take a moment or two and think on things to be grateful for.

For all of us at Darrel Emel’s Tree Service, we have a great deal to be grateful for:

We have the privilege of working for a great company with a great reputation!
We employees can also be grateful we’re working for good, hard-working, fair ownership!
(How many of us have been in work situations where this wasn’t the case? Probably too many…)

I know the ownership is pleased and grateful for our hard-working, truly excellent crew!
(There have been times in our not so distant past where good crew was hard to come by!)

Most of all, we all are grateful for our customers who have shown not only patience and understanding as we’ve had to postpone work in compliance with the Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate, they’ve actually expressed appreciation for our compliance with the governor’s directive!
We’re very grateful for this and look forward to resuming business as soon as we can!

We’re grateful to live and work in such a great community in the midst of great beauty!
Take a minute or two to find your own points of gratitude ~ you’ll be grateful you did! 😉


Jacquie Wagner
Online Coordinator
Darrel Emel’s Tree Service


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