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Well, after a wild & woolly summer ~ the like of which many of us haven’t seen and wouldn’t care to see again 😉 ~ we’ve come into the Fall.  For many Washingtonians, the Autumn is their favorite season due to often glorious summer-like weather we can have (obviously not this year).  Or for the fabulous Fall fireworks Nature puts on here!   

Favorite season or not, Fall is a great time to wrap up many aspects of your landscaping care and we can help!

Fall Spray: give your fruit & ornamental trees and shrubs a great boost into their dormant season with a last application of insect and disease control.  Fall spray is happening now!

Fall Lawn fertilizer: send your lawn into the wet winter with a final round of fertilizer with moss control to give your grass the edge against moss intrusion during the winter! Call now to get on the list for this upcoming application!

Pruning: Your ornamental and fruit trees will look better and perform better with yearly trimming and pruning, which for most varieties is best done during the dormant season.  Dormant season, in this area, typically runs from October through February, and often into March.  Our schedule for pruning tends to fill up quickly ~ call now for your free estimate!

Storm Damage clean up: Fall’s arrival, as we’ve seen already, can bring high winds and soaking rain.  If we get long stretches of rain that brings the water table near the surface and that’s combined with high winds, our fine, towering firs, cedars, and other trees can be blown right over, even the healthy trees
          Do maintain the habit of checking your trees after high winds, and even after the heavy, soaking rain without wind.  Look for broken, hanging limbs, cracks in the trunk, or cracks in the ground at the base of the trees, which could be an early indicator for uprooting.  If you see something you don’t like, or aren’t sure about, contact us for a free consultation!
          And finally, if the worst happens and you end up with downed trees, contact us ~ we have the experience and equipment to help you through that, too!

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