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Fall has arrived decisively this year. No extended Summer happening here!

A very common concern over this past 3 Summers is that they have been warmer than normal and with less rainfall. Most of us know we need to water our lawns, flowers and ornamentals, but in some cases well established trees also need a little help extra help to tolerate drought, especially when it occurs over multiple years.

Many concerned customers have contacted us over these past Summers to report that their trees are browning and looking less than happy. Cedar, Hemlock, and some varieties of maple seem to be more adversely affected than other tree varieties. Some “flagging” or browning of needles/foliage is a normal by-product of Summer’s warm weather. The trick is knowing the right time to help your trees out.

ISA Certified Arborist Rick Walsh has some recommendations to keep your trees in good condition despite the heat. If you have noticed more browning than usual in the previous Summers, the best bet is to get a soaker hose or drip irrigation to the base of the affected trees. This should be done once the tree begins to brown more than usual. If your trees have excessively browned over the last few Summers, Rick recommends watering the trees beginning in mid-late June or early in July. Trees that have been stressed for multiple years are at an increased risk of dying off.

Drought stressed trees are also much more prone to insect and disease problems as their natural ability to resist these pests diminishes. There has been an uptick in customer calls regarding scale and woolly aphid pests. These pests are able to build populations more easily in an already stressed tree. We recommend periodically walking through your landscape to identify any health issues before they become larger problems. When in doubt, give us a call and we will be happy to assist!


Laura Graybill
Darrel Emel’s Tree Service

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