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This particular question is often the reason many customers call us. Perhaps you have just purchased a new home and want to be sure your investment doesn’t leave you with an unwelcome surprise. It may be that you’ve noticed a tree that just doesn’t seem to look as healthy as it should. Whatever the reason, here are some of the things that may indicate a potential problem:


A dead or dying tree top.
Many times, this is indicative of root problems with the tree.


Leaves or needles that are yellowing or off-color.


An unusual volume of dead limbs or branches.


A thin/sparse canopy.


Browning in canopy of greater than 30%.


Swelling at the buttress of tree.


Cracks in the trunk of the tree.


Woodpecker and/or sapsucker damage on trunk of tree.


Visible cavities of decay on the trunk of tree.


A tree that appears to be “tipping” or leaning.


Signs of roots pulling up from the ground.


Should you happen to notice one or more of these issues, give us a call. We can assist you in deciding if your tree is healthy or cause for concern.


~ Laura Graybill, manager
~ Rick Walsh, ISA Certified Arborist


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